Arabba Travel

Arabba sits in the centre of a network of travel connections - and yet is harder to get to than the initial impressions suggest.

It is relatively few kilometres away from excellent motorway connections, yet that last stretch of the journey through northern Italy will probably be the most problematic, whether travelling under one's own steam or by public transport.

Of course, this is part of the attraction of a ski village like Arabba, tucked away in the heart of the Dolomites. If it was easy to get to, everyone would be going there.

Travel by Car

As the map above indicates, Arabba is not far from a network of motorways which provide good access to most parts of Europe from its location in northern Italy. In fact the Innsbruck to Verona route is one of the most heavily travelled on the continent. Once away from the motorway the journey becomes very different, though, with occasionally thick traffic winding through mountain villages on single lane roads.

From the west, Arabba can be reached via Selva and then over various passes, or by leaving the motorway at Bolzano and heading via Canazei (again involving passes). The route from the south is motorway for the majority of the way and then a single main road for 90 minutes.

Innsbruck 150km - north over the Brenner pass to the Austrian motorway junction at Innsbruck
Venice 132km - south through the mountains to the motorway east and west
Verona 214km - west to the motorway and then south to the major junction at Verona

Travel to Arabba

Travel by Air

Arabba has plenty of choice when it comes to airports, many of which are served with flights from the low-cost airlines from the UK or with travel company charter flights. The largest and most likely to have convenient scheduled flights from further afield are Venice (Marco Polo) Airport and Innsbruck Airport, which has a wide range of winter flights also aimed at the Tyrolean resorts.

Although some Italian airports do offer a shuttle bus into the Dolomites on a weekend, it may well be easier to hire one's own transport from the airport.

Bolzano Airport (nearest airport in the valley) - 75km
Innsbruck Airport (over the border in the Austrian Tyrol) - 150km
Treviso Airport
(just to the north of Venice) - 144km
Marco Polo Airport (located on coast of Venice lagoon) - 163km
Verona Airport (on motorway interchange to south of city) - 224km
Gabriele D’Annunzio Airport (south of motorway interchange outside Brescia) - 257km

Travel by Rail

The nearest railway stations are at Bressanone (Brixen in German) around 70km away or slightly further at Bolzano (Bozen). Local coach services (infrequent involving changes) or taxis run from Bolzano or Bressanone to Arabba. The local coach service is SAD (website - timetables available as PDF downloads).

It is also possible to travel to Belluno in the south. Again this is around 75km away from Arabba and connected by bus services (in this case, Dolomiti Bus - website - only in Italian).